Paomodas is a Caleña company in the textile industry committed to the development of the region, which provides high quality services in maquila processes and product designs such as underwear, pajamas and beachwear for the National and International market.


To be recognized at the National and International level as a leading and high quality company in clothing preparations such as; underwear, pajamas and beachwear


MARVIUCH was founded on October 15, 1992 by Mrs. Marleny Viuche, who opted to engage in an unknown activity, because of her need to move on, but eventually fell in love with an art she did not know and incorporated into her family group . Throughout this time MARVIUCH entered the national market, with the participation of business events, which allowed it to be recognized and attract new clients such as Bogotá, San Juan De Pasto, Manizales among others. In 2007, he had a generational change in the company's vision of creating a brand based on a new image in women's clothing, which allowed him to enter the world of boutiques and chain stores in the Cauca Valley and other cities . As of 2015